All of the flexibility.
None of the responsibility.

For one monthly fee, you get your own car with insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance included. No long term commitments and month-to-month flexibility. FlexiPlan car subscription is the future of driving.

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Included - Maintenance

We'll take care of the routine maintenance and warranty repairs through our conveniently located providers.

Included - Roadside Assistance

Rest assured, in case you get stuck and need assistance, all our subscription plans include roadside assistance.

Included - Insurance & Registration

You never have to worry about paying insurance or registration, with your subscription, all our vehicles come with full coverage.

Car Subscription Melbourne

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Choose one vehicle category designed to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Why drive with FlexiPlan?

FlexiPlan car subscription is the flexible alternative to car ownership

Instant approval

Subscribe today and drive away with instant online approval

No memberships

Pay only while you're subscribed with no ongoing membership fees

Concierge delivery

We deliver your car at your convenience with a full tank of fuel

How FlexiPlan works

Get going in 3 easy steps...



Choose your car category and sign up in just minutes.



Choose your car, how long you want to keep it and when you get it.


Swap or return

When the subscription ends, renew it, pick up your next ride or pause until next time.


Have questions about how we work and what you get? We've got all the answers you need.

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